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Door Track Protector

Oftentimes, the simplest solutions reap the biggest benefits. Such is the case with Bluff Manufacturing’s Crash Guard door track protector, an effective and inexpensive way to protect overhead door tracks from damage, reducing service calls and overall maintenance costs.

The tracks of an overhead door can easily become damaged or inoperable by a light tap from a forklift or the impact of a truck entering the dock area. When installed properly, door track protectors help to maintain an overhead door track and can be installed for less than the price a service call to have them repaired.

Built with the same expertise and high quality of Bluff Manufacturing’s yard ramps, dock boards and dock plates, Crash Guard door track protector can be shipped within 24 hours and is easy to assemble.

Door track protector specifications:

Bluff Pipe Guards

Bluff Manufacturing’s pipe guards are designed to protect the multiple pipes, lines, and stacks that run along the inside or outside walls of a building. These vital lines circulate air, transport waste water, carry gas to heaters or to production equipment. Forklift trucks and other equipment used inside, outside or around your building can damage the lines and cause costly repairs. In all cases, it is important to prevent damage and keep them operational.

Bluff Manufacturing has been building pipe guards for several years and all pipe guards are built-to-order, ensuring the best fit for your needs. Pipe guard height and width specifications: They can be made to cover a 3” pipe or 8” pipe or anything in between; and can be 36” tall or 72” tall or any other height. Constructed of 3/16” smooth floor plate, this gives the impact resistance necessary to deflect forks from the forklift truck, a pickup or trailer backing into the building, or other damaging occurrences.

The pipe guards are powder coated yellow or any of the standard six colors offered by Bluff Manufacturing. This coating weathers well and maintains the like-new look for years of use. We are the industry expert on how to design the protection you need in your building or manufacturing facility. Please contact us and let us develop a custom solution at standard prices – FAST!

Floor Guide Rail

Many warehouse operations require a floor rail system to guide equipment. Bluff Manufacturing provides that rail dependably and affordably.

If your need is an order-picker moving down long aisles, it is absolutely essential that the rail be strong and straight. Or, you may have many potentially dangerous movements in your operation. Different SKUs varying in weight and bulk confound even the most diligent driver and represent a real obstacle to a fast, yet safe operation. One thing you don’t need to worry about is the rail that guides your equipment. Allow Bluff Manufacturing to custom-design a floor guide rail for your facility.

Powder coated a bright and visible color keeps the entry and exit points clearly seen by all operators. If you think it is hard to add value to a piece of angle iron, then call Bluff Manufacturing – you will be impressed!